Families; A Memoir and a Celebration

We're hereby presenting a most sought~after & cherished 'presentation' copy of this elusive 'society' memoir penned by Wyatt Cooper (4th husband of Gloria Vanderbilt~ who btw designed the decoupage dj!) Provenance: The Estate of Kitty Carlyle Hart (1910~2007) together w/ his hand~written letter laid~in: 'Dear Kitty, It's funny, you are on my list of people I send books to, but I was somewhat tranquilized for a long time, (Wyatt would later die in 1978 @ age 50 during open heart surgery) My lists are not always accurate~ Love 'W'~ (Wyatt) also on the ffep is a charming (never~before~seen!) pen & ink drawing of the twins~(head busts) depicting both 'Anderson' (of CNN '360' fame) & his brother Carter (who later commited suicide in 1988) Wyatt wrote in this poignant memoir: "In my sons' youth, their promise, their possibilities, my stake in immortality is invested" along w/ the additional inscription: 'This book comes to Kitty with longtime love' Wyatt~ A most thoughful & priceless dedication copy indeed worthy then of inclusion in an appreciative, respected & proper family library

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