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'Daniel Ost Invitations II'

The long-awaited sequel to Invitations, one of the most successful titles by master flower artist Daniel Ost.

Daniel Ost is the world's foremost floral designer and sculptor.

Daniel has the unique ability to envision life through flowers and creates absolute beauty through his passion and art.

He has fashioned his own world of astonishing floral designs, which have earned him a devoted international clientele.

This modern-day Belgian has inverted the old masters' logic.

These arrangements seem impossible, and yet they actually exist.

In this book Daniel Ost continues to seduce and amaze with his wonderful, spectacular floral creations.

Festive arrangements, floating pieces above the heads of party-goers, an abundance of flowers that changes a whole environment, but also smaller floral pieces that everybody would like to give or receive.

Daniel Ost

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